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Shijiazhuang METDA Electronic Technology Corporation (METDA) was established in 1993, there is more than 300 staff in the company, and it is the sub-company of HSRI (Hebei Semiconductor Research Institute).  HSRI was founded in 1956 in Beijing and then moved to Shijiazhuang in 1963.  After 60 years of development, it has become China'smost comprehensive semiconductor institute with largescale, strong technical force and professional structure. The professional directions are in five main areas of microelectronics, optoelectronics, MEMS , high-end semiconductor sensors, optical electromechanical integrated micro-system and in other basic supporting areas such as electronic package and material,measurement and detection. It is the first batch of master of engineering admissions training units and joint training doctoral units after reforming and opening up in China.
METDA has three sub-companies: North-China Integrated Circuit Corporation Limited,Hebei Century Star Electronic Science Corporation Limited, BeijingMicro Electronic Development Corporation Limited. METDA has three major product areas which cover microelectronics, optoelectronics, software development. METDA’s major markets cover domestic, Europe, Asia, the Americas and other countries and regions. Currently METDA is one of the most comprehensive semiconductor companies with large-scalecivilian products industry and foreign trade in optoelectronics, microwave, software in China.
Optoelectronic products are mainly for the full range of optical products which include photovoltaic chip, photoelectricmodule, supporting packages and so on. Microwave products include microwave monolithic, devices, modules, components, micro-systems and other products. METDA also actively expands business scope.The company owns a property services company, a mineral water sales company and other emerging growth point outside the main business.
In 2015, METDA sales total values reached 400 million RMB. In 2016, the sales total values will exceed 700 million RMB, and the planningeconomic scale will reach 2 billion RMB at the end of 2020. Withthe strong supporting of all the users, all the METDA people will work together, work hard, continue to vigorously carry forward the fine traditions and work style and make greater contributions to China's semiconductor industry!