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Shijiazhuang METDA Electronic Technology Limited Corporation was founded in 1993, is a subsidiary company fully invested by HSRI. HSRI was founded in Beijing, and moved to Shijiazhuang in Hebei province in 1963. After 60 years development and expansion, HSRI has become a large comprehensive semiconductor institute of high technical level and specialization structure, engaged in micro electronics, optoelectronics, MEMS, MOEMS and advanced semiconductor sensor fields. It is specialized in electronic package, electronic functional material, measurement and test and other basic support field development and research. It is one of earliest units that enroll and educate master of engineering. It is also a united doctor education unit. HSRI provides METDAC with powerful science and research support and economic backing. It also brings powerful driving force to development and production to METDA.
 Shijiazhuang METDA Electronic Technology Limited Corporation has 3 subsidiary companies, Hebei North China Integrated Circuit Design Limited Corporation, Hebei Century Star Electronic Technology Limited Corporation, Beijing METDA Electronic Development Limited Corporation. Main products cover micro electronics, optoelectronics and big data application fields. Optoelectronic products are full optoelectronic series, including optoelectronic chips, optoelectronic modules and relevant packages etc. Microwave products contain MMIC, devices, modules, components and micro systems etc.
 Main market of Shijiazhuang METDA Electronic Technology Limited Corporation covers China, Europe, Asia, America and other countries or areas. So far, METDA is one of large comprehensive semiconductor enterprises engaged in optoelectronic, microwave, software civil industry and international business.
 There are over 300 staff in Shijiazhuang METDA Electronic Technology Limited Corporation. In 2017, the production value reached 760 million RMB. In 2018, the production value broke through 800 million RMB. In the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, Shijiazhuang METDA Electronic Technology Limited Corporation is planned to reach 2 billion economic scale. With the support of society and enterprise users, all METDA staff will unit together and endeavor, propagating traditional customs and working attitude, to make greater contribution to Chinese semiconductor career.